Spring 2020 Club Options

Art Makers

In Art Makers Club, imaginations will be inspired!  Kids will develop creative innovative thought and skills while having fun making art and friends.

The News Crew

If you have ever wondered what it was like to be apart of the news and be on T.V.? Then here is your chance. This club will consist of 6 weeks of journalism from the other side of the camera. At the end of the 6 weeks, we will take a tour of KY3.

Tiger Cage Competition

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to own your own business? Learn the basics of creating your own business and develop that dream. Learn about financing, marketing, management and more from local business owners. Then create your own business idea or product to present as part of a “Tiger Cage” competition. Our panel of judges will present prizes to support your new business or entrepreneur spirit.

B.Y.O.P - Grow It, Eat it, Pizza Club

Do you love pizza?  Then join the ‘Grow it and Eat it Pizza Club’! This club will focus on a different pizza ingredient each week including dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings.  Club members will learn how to grow ingredients, how ingredients are made, nutrition of ingredients, recipes, and taste testing at each meeting.  The last meeting date will consist of putting all of the ingredients together and making your own pizza to take home for dinner.

The Great Outdoors

Have you ever wondered how you would survive if you are lost in the wilderness? What about how to start a fire, find shelter, and food? What do you know about hunting and fishing? Join us for 6 weeks as we cover these topics together. 

Spring 2020 Club Options

Glow Up

Yasss Girl. You can sit with us. We have 6 weeks together. If you are here for it, I hope to bring you the tools needed to be the most confident version of YOU! From self care routines to Glam hacks with a few dance parties in between. My intention for this group is to be a place where you can come as you are, be authentically you, and focus on personal development with like minded friends! 

Adventure’s Out There

This club will experience games and challenges together each week during which we will be highlighting, breaking down, and demonstrating teamwork. Students will learn the importance of support, communication, strategizing, focus, and many other aspects of a successful team. The goal of this club is to cultivate an environment to empower young leaders. In the end we will go to the Leadership Ranch here is Republic to do the ropes course as a team including zip-lines, platforms, and much more. 

spring 2020

Take the Challenge - Survival of the Fittest.

Are you up for 6-weeks of challenge? Then you came to the right place.  During this time we will be playing dodge ball and kickball, circuit training, scavenger hunts, and ultimately training for the Tiger Run 5K the first Saturday in May hosted by the Republic School District. 

Team Reach

Team Reach is designed for people who want to serve our community! This group will REACH others by teaming up with other organizations and community members to enhance the quality of life for those around us! This club is a fun way to give back to your town and grow as an individual! It will be facilitated by an adult but is truly an opportunity for individual students to shine as leaders!

Besties Book Club

We will dive into one of the latest teen books. We will spend the next 6 weeks working through this book together and discussing all the craze that we discover within the chapters.  


Cut it...Stitch it...Sew it...Tie it...Glue it...So many possibilities. We will kick off this club by making scrunchies.  No expertise required. Anyone can do it and the best part you learn how to do something new with friends.  Come and try your hand at it and see what you can accomplish.  You are the next Picasso and will want to share your finished product with others..